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Hey There!

I'm Gerdie, a truth seeker, eternal student, lover of God, people and all things "beauty" related (hair, skin, nails, make up, fashion) yep - in that order! 

Feel free to call me GG.

As a 25 year veteran of the industry, successful salon owner, educator and stylist, I know a thing or two about navigating the rough waters of being both a business woman and an artist (in addition to being a mom, wife, daughter, minister, sister and friend - aka having a life!)

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The ultimate insult to my Creator would be to leave this world without giving back and pouring into others out of the abundance of my experience - my ENTIRE experience to this point - the phenomenal and the frightful. Going through some extreme highs and deep lows, has kept me humble, and birthed a desire within me to help other black girls, just like me - who know they have been blessed with God-given talent, that there is so much for them to do, be and accomplish in this life - yet aren't quite sure where or even how to start.  

I'm clear - my purpose and passion is two-fold:

a.  To provide an exclusive, luxury hair care and styling experience for high achieving, detail oriented women who understand and value time, self care, rejuvenation and rest.


b.  To be a coach and consultant for beauty professionals who want to master their craft AND their business to be best-in-class in technique, artistry, service and overall experience.



to achieve your healthiest head of hair and amazing scalp, book a complimentary consultation with me.

it's time to level up your artistry and business,

book a complimentary call here.

I can't wait to create MAGIC with you and thank you, in advance, for letting me join you on your journey!!!

xoxo, GG

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